Obsession Confession – Mad Men

Due to a recent power outage, I was left to entertain myself on the bit of battery that was left on my computer. I had an unopened MAD MEN season 1 DVD set that had been staring at me for the past year and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to tear it open! I had always thought I would probably like Mad Men and had only heard great things, but since I don’t watch much T.V. in general, I just never opened it. Jeez, do I wish I would have started watching it earlier! I am half way done with the 1st season and feeling frantic about getting the rest of the seasons. I just love the imagery … here are some Mad Men inspiration photos of the day…

Perfectly polished and coiffed hair.

Handsome men with fedoras.

Beautifully bold colored lips.

And the pretties ladylike dresses. Swoon.


The Met Costume Institute Gala 2011

The Met Costume Institute Gala is the mecca of fashion, far better than any award show. If only they had red carpet and pre-show specials that focused specifically on who wear’s what like the Oscars. I am rarely interested in what the ‘hot’ celebrity at the moment is wearing. I mean, this is the Met, NYC, the Costume Institute – not Tinsletown’s cinema royalty. We are talking art, couture, and savage beauty. That being said, I usually need to wait a few days for all the pictures to surface that I want to see. This is about THE gown, not a popularity contest of when the last movie you made was. Below are my top 3 picks…

Kerry Washington in Escada. A custom made chiffon triangle cutout embroidered gown. I want to describe this dress as sea foam green so bad but that just doesn’t sound “elegant” enough. I love the mix of textures, shapes, patterns, and of course, unexpected color. And that pop of fuchsia lip…ahhh, in love!

Bar Refaeli in Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2011. This strapless beaded gown is truly a work of art. No other word comes to mind, than stunner. There is a heavy, ornate, richness to this metallic art deco number that couldn’t be more perfect for a Costume Institute Gala.

Leelee Sobieski in Vionnet Pre-Fall 2011. Simplicity done at its best. This creamsicle dreamsicle transports me directly to a warm breezed Grecian night. Her bronzed makeup, effortless upswept hair, and gold leaf accents finish this sophisticated yet carefree look.

Orchid 2 Orchid.

Spring has sprung people!!! And I couldn’t be more excited – even though I live in an area where it is always a lovely temperature, there is just a different vibe in the air knowing that Summer is just around the corner. Last week Vixations and I stopped in a downtown LA florist, Orchid 2 Orchid. They have a fantastic collection of all sorts of orchids – any color, breed, arrangement, and price (starting at $10 – now that is faboosh!) I was specifically looking for a thank you gift but while walking around surrounded by orchids (and snapping away pics on my iPhone to preserve the vivid colors and velvety texture of the petals) I thought, flowers shouldn’t be just for special occasions, they should be enjoyed everyday. So, that my friends is going to be my mid-year resolution…bringing a little more colorful life into my apartment each week. Happy May, my lovelies!

April Fool’s Day

I remember thinking April Fool’s Day was soooo funny but didn’t think of anything clever this year. I actually kind of forgot April 1st was April Fool’s Day until I heard someone mention it.

Anyway, Google had a great April Fool’s video today –

I don’t know who they thought would fall for it, but it’s pretty funny. And actually maybe not that far from the future  – Gmail motion could easily coexist with flying cars and screen technology…

Hope everyone is having a good start to April – Any good pranks you pulled today?

Ashley & Jason Are Getting Married

I have the honor of being a bridesmaid for my best childhood friend. Ashley (or Sista A, which we’ve called each other for years) sent out her much anticipated wedding invites just a few days before leaving for a few weeks, so I was certain I would have to wait until I got home to receive it. Much to my delight, this not so little envelope was delivered in my mailbox just a few short hours before take off.


The invitations are beyooond gorg! Jen of  Lil’ Owl Graphics created these little paper delights!


“Come for the love, stay for the dancing and desserts”


“Sip, nosh, and celebrate”


“You should come, it will be fun”


So elated to be checking “You Betcha”. Beyond excited for the big day to get here! Only 2 months away!!!

In-N-Out Burger

Okkkay okay, so I’ve officially lived in Los Angeles for 9 and half months and just tonight experienced In-N-Out Burger. My friend Victoria is a California native who grew up with In-N-Out Burger at her fingertips. (Loving it so much, she even had her favorite In-N-Out Burger T-shirt which made her feel like the coolest kid around town.) As you can imagine she was astounded when she found out these juicy meat patties had never touched my lips. Of course, I knew of this local burger joint but considering I had once or twice gone to Sonic, I felt like I hit my West Coast burger chain.


We are both headed to NYC for our Spring Break and since I would be sharing with her my favorite hot spots from my old stopping ground, we felt it only necessary that she “pop my In-N-Out cherry” in L.A. before heading out East.


Excuse my under-eye bags and gremlin look – it was a long week of late night finals studying!


I got a cheeseburger – Animal style. I was all prepped and schooled to order from the “secret menu”, even watching YouTube videos on the history of the menu. In case you are unaware, In-N-Out has only four food items on the menu: a Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double-Double and French Fries. But there is a not so secret, secret menu you can order from. Probably the most famous secret menu item is “Animal style” – A mustard cooked beef patty with the addition of pickles, cheese, grilled onions, and spread (a thousand island type of sauce). Unfortunately, my brain was over-saturated and I forgot to customize my fries to “well-done”.


The verdict: Totally tasty, yet I definitely had some heart burn going on. What can I say, I’m not used to non-veggie burgers!


Until next time, In-N-Out….


Recently at the store I came across this curious looking bottle. Let me introduce you to ChocoVine.

Brilliant or just gross? It’s a combo of cabernet wine and dutch chocolate. The website claims it is a “decadent, silky, smooth drink …. the right chocolate paired with the perfect wine can create a near-orgasmic taste experience.”

It comes in Original, Espresso, and Raspberry. Apparently it can be mixed with a variety of liqueurs and other alcohols to create cocktails as well. Hmm, sounds rather multipurpose and I do love that.

An online reviewer says, “The ingredients say chocolate and wine with 14% but seems more like 50% alcohol”. Heyyyooo, sounds like my kind of drink. Actually, most reviews online say it is pretty good – I think I’ve got to give this stuff a try. Anyone ever try it before?!

What I Would Wear To The Oscars

I’m still on a bit of a gown high, especially after watching the Academy Awards Special of Fashion Police. I found my top pick, I hadn’t even seen it until I was looking around online – the winner goes to Emma Roberts! Ahhh I just love this pewter, sequin, Jenny Packham stunner. The sunburst of details just dazzles on the gunmetal chiffon. I can’t think of any other words than Rachel Zoe’s “I die”. Seriously, in love. I guess since Miss. Roberts wasn’t one of the leading ladies this year on the red carpet, I didn’t see it before.


Not only do I think the dress is perfect, but I could probably deal with Chase Crawford being my date to the after parties ;) So, if I was going to the Oscars, this would definitely be my #1 pick!

Oscars 2011

Breast Milk Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for breast milk  – wait, what?! Yes, you heard right. A London ice cream shop, Icecreamists, created a new flavor ‘Baby Gaga’ which consists of madagascan vanilla pods, lemon zest, and human breast milk. Jeez, it sounded really tasty until the last ingredient.

Icecreamists founder, Matt O’Connor says “It’s pure, it’s natural, it’s organic, and it’s free range – and if it’s good enough for our kids, it’s good enough to use in our ice cream”. Hmm, well there ya go folks.

As liberal as I am on many topics, I can’t help but feel a bit queasy when thinking of sampling breast milk ice cream. Although, I believe cow’s milk comes in almost as close to breast milk on the gross level. If you’ve ever read Skinny Bitch, you will start to think of milk in a whole new light. The thought of it having to be heavily pasteurized due to the blood and puss of the cow’s teats is pretty nauseating, huh? As the Skinny Bitches say, “We are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another species. We are the only species on the planet that drinks milk as adults. Why? Because the multi-million dollar dairy industry has convinced us that we need milk for healthy bones.” It’s just weird that humans drink cow’s milk and it’s sad that those poor cow’s are constantly getting impregnated to get milked by machines. It’s unnatural all around. Now if only rice or almond milk ice cream became just as popular.

Okay, now back to those crazy Brits…

Melissa Leo’s Details

Okayyy okayyy, so I said Melissa Leo had one of my favorite Oscar dress picks. And yes, I still do like it, regardless of what everyone is saying about it. Although, I don’t like it quite as much as I thought I did when she got up for her acceptance speech. Now that I am looking at it closer up, there are definitely some aspects to it that could have been refined – perhaps the gold underlay not looking so heavy or a finer lace. How cute would it be as a short bolero jacket though? I just have a thing for stand up collars.

As I took a closer look at this Marc Bouwer dress, I noticed some cool details on Melissa Leo. Not to mention, she has quite the spunk about her that I really love. I like how she puts a stud in her first ear piercing and a dangle in the second. Subtle, but a little edgy. I also found her spider necklace to be so interesting and unpredictable. I’ve seen her wear it before, maybe it’s a good luck charm? In an interview I found online, she mentions that the spider pendant is designed by her friend Katherine Wallach, who is doing a pop-up boutique on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles for one month. You can check out Katherine Wallach’s Jewelry here, she has a lot of interesting collections.

One thing is for certain, I would rather see someone take a chance at fashion and feel amazing with what they are wearing than being boring, plain, and oh so safe.

Photo: WireImage